CheatedThe top financial scams targeting Seniors

According to the National Counsel on Aging, these are some of the top scams:

  1. Medicare/health insurance fraud, involving scam artists who pose as a Medicare representative in order to steal personal information.
  2. Counterfeit prescription drug schemes, in which scammers provide fake medicines.
  3. Funeral and cemetery schemes, where thieves troll obituaries to extort money from bereaved survivors or where funeral directors attempt to sell unnecessary and expensive services.
  4. Anti-aging treatments, that do nothing but enrich the scammer and actually be harmful to the Senior’s health.
  5. Telemarketing/phone scams, where scammers persuade Seniors to give to charities or for “accidents” that have happened to relatives.
  6. Internet fraud, using pop-up browsers to fool a Senior into downloading a fake virus program (for a fee) or downloading a real virus that can steal personal information.
  7. Grandchild schemes, in which a scammer poses as a grandchild in trouble or needing emergency financial assistance.
  8. Lottery scams, where a Senior is notified they have won a lottery that requires a payment to “unlock” it.