Divorce lawyer“Divorce attorneys have enormous influence with their wealthy clients when it comes to recommending other professionals such as other attorneys, therapists, and financial advisors.” Forbes

The Forbes article is correct, if you think about it. Divorce is an emotional experience and for wealthier clients especially, there is a need for other experts during the divorce and post divorce.

In a survey of 188 divorce attorneys – whose practices are focused exclusively on divorce and related matters such as producing pre-nuptial agreements – 96 percent of them reported that more than 60 percent of their affluent clients (net worth = $10 million or more) ask them for introductions to other professionals.

The article also points out that 90% of lawyers at some point are asked to recommend another lawyer who practices in a different field. “About 70 percent of the divorce attorneys report getting requests for financial advisors from the divorcing spouse who is not the principal moneymaker…  What is very telling is that these divorce attorneys report that their recommendations are taken more than 80 percent of the time.”

Referral request extend to other professionals. Almost three in five divorce attorneys were asked for referrals to therapists for themselves or their children. According to the divorce attorneys, these recommendations are almost universally accepted.

There is no question that divorce attorneys have considerable influence with their wealthy clients during this very difficult time. For capable professionals wanting to work with these affluent clients creating strategic relationships with divorce attorneys is a wise course of action.