Fact-checking funny and dumb laws

wrestleI was looking at some of the dumb state laws from around the country at this site. I always wonder whether what they have is made up, or maybe are laws that  actually once existed but were repealed years ago. You know, laws like “It is illegal to tie your horse up to a cigar store Indian” which I saw once on one of these sites, I think for Oklahoma. I decided to do some fact checking to see how accurate they are.

The law was amended to make it even funnier

One Louisiana law cited as being dumb or funny says that “Fake” wrestling matches are prohibited. Sure enough, the law was enacted in 1974 and can be found at LSA R.S. 4:75. It basically prohibits “sham or fake contests or exhibitions” for boxing and wrestling.However, the law was amended in 2007 to provide “Participants in a professional wrestling event are exempt from the provisions of this Section.”

Too funny. The Louisiana Legislature has apparently made what we all knew official: pro wrestling is a “fake or sham” since they specifically excepted it from prohibition. There is actually a 2002 case where a wrestler sued the State Boxing and Wrestling Commission because of injuries he received in a staged “attack” from his opponent after winning a sham match. –Bergeron v. State Boxing and Wrestling Com’n 829 So.2d 620