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The LA-Legal Louisiana Law Forums is the place to ask questions and get answers about family, probate, real estate, or general Louisiana law.

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Endymion – Greatest Hits

Endymion law suitHit by a bag of beads. Did you assume the risk?

You’re at Mardi Gras having a good time New Orleans style when a string of beads hits you in the eye. Do you have any recourse against the person who threw the beads? Against the Mardi Gras krewe organizers?

Take this a step further: suppose it was a whole bag of ping-pong ball size beads and you get hit in the head, knocked unconscious and are taken to the hospital. read more…

Durst – Will He Lose His Inheritance?

Robert Durst death of wifeThe arrest in New Orleans of suspected murderer Robert Durst is making the headlines every day as he tries to defeat probable cause and other legal issues that keep him in jail -but there is another interesting question: “What happens to his money?”

Durst was paid off by his family, so to speak, with a once-only payment of $65 million which has reportedly grown to around $100 million. read more…

Adjusting Financially After a Divorce

Adjusting to Life Financially after a Divorce

divorce cakeThere’s no doubt about it–going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time. Ironing out a divorce settlement, attending various court hearings, and dealing with competing attorneys can all weigh heavily on the parties involved. read more…

Referral Power of Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyer“Divorce attorneys have enormous influence with their wealthy clients when it comes to recommending other professionals such as other attorneys, therapists, and financial advisors.” Forbes

The Forbes article is correct, if you think about it. Divorce is an emotional experience and for wealthier clients especially, read more…

Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning checklistHere are five estate planning items you should take care of right now.

1. Stop procrastinating. People tend to think they have a lifetime to take care of their estate planning. When people ask me “How long do I have to take care of this?” I usually respond “Tell me when you are going to die and I can answer that for you.”

The vast majority of people still do not have any type of an estate plan at all, let alone one that is adequate for their needs. read more…

Disbarred over stupid things

Dumb lawyer of the century awardWe have reported over the years on lawyers who get into trouble or even disbarred over the stupid things they do. This is one of the dumbest of all time:

A lawyer is suspended from practicing law for various reasons. While suspended, he takes a retainer to handle a succession and tells his clients the case will be finished “within ten days.” read more…