You didn’t know Louisiana needed a state boat, did you?

pirogueWell, making the pirogue our state boat is just one of the 875 new laws from the 2012 Legislative session.

Why do we need 875 new laws? Do we really need to name the whole month of March in honor Louisiana’s Irish-American heritage?For that matter, do we really need to be thinking at all about hyphenated Americans? How about my background as an English-Dutch-German American? Where’s my month?

School coaches now are required to report any suspected abuse of children. Really? We need a law to require that abuse is reported?

Because of the Caylee Anthony case, we also now have a law that requires that a caretaker of a child report that the child is missing or deceased within a reasonable time. This comes up all the time, so thank goodness we finally have a law to cover the situation.

By the way, if you like that pirogue up above, you can get it at Uncle John’s General Store.