Our book, the Louisiana Legal AdvisorThe Fifth Edition of the Louisiana Legal Advisor has been released and is available in most book stores and parish libraries. You can find out more and get the best current prices:

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This is the only book on Louisiana law that is written for the layman. It tells you how the state’s law is different from any other’s, when you need a lawyer and when you can represent yourself, in which type of court you should file suit, how to make better use of your IRA, and much more. The authors have over fifty years of combined experience in helping people with their legal problems.

The Baton Rouge Advocate says the Louisiana Legal Advisor is:“A book that every resident of Louisiana needs to own.”


Five Stars on Amazon One reviewer said “If you live or do business in Louisiana YOU NEED THIS BOOK!!”

Full text of reviews:

New Orleans Times-Picayune by Mabel Simmons
“Keep in mind the old saying that is so often true: ‘The person who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client’.” So Baton Rouge lawyers Stephen E. Covell and Lauren K. Covell warn readers in the introduction to their new book, “Louisiana Legal Advisor”. We laymen know that Louisiana law is based on the French code and differs from the law of the other states, which is based on English law. But we may not know how Louisiana law differs. The Covells explain this, and those interested will find the explanations enlightening –and interesting.

The book is divided into five sections: Marriage, Your Property, Your Business; Your Rights, Do It Yourself Guide. Each section cites actual cases that have passed through Louisiana courts (though names are changed to effect a kind of disguise).The whole work is filled with entertainment. And it can be financially helpful for those considering taking legal action. If you want to change your name, write a will, get an uncontested divorce, write a marriage contract, form a corporation, recover a rent deposit or settle a small estate –the Covells tell you how to proceed.

Readers not planning legal action will gain a deeper understanding of what goes on around them in legal matters –and they’ll be entertained while gaining it.“It is the only book that attempts to explain our peculiar Louisiana laws in terms the laymen can understand,” says co-author Stephen E. Covell.

Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate by Sarah Sue Goldsmith
At last there’s a book that helps clarify those confusing aspects of law that affect daily life in Louisiana. The Louisiana Legal Advisor by Stephen and Lauren Covell is clearly written in layman’s terms, pertinent to today’s problems, and is a volume that every resident of Louisiana needs to own.

Both Covells are attorneys practicing in Baton Rouge. Such things as community property laws, child custody and support, tenant’s rights, liability following the sale of a home, making a will, worker’s compensation, declaring bankruptcy, attorney’s fees and consumer credit are a few of the areas covered in the chapters. Examples of cases taken to court are given. They alone make interesting reading. The surprise is that the book is so very readable.

Every citizen needs to understand the laws of this state to know when to go to court and what to expect. However, reading the book will not make one qualified to represent himself; he still needs to hire a good lawyer. The authors even tell how to do that. Laws change constantly, and many of the laws of this state are obsolete. This book covers the major civil issues that the ordinary person will face in daily life –getting married, getting divorced, buying a house, starting a business, writing a will, handling debts.