Mushroom cloud over NagasakiThe Louisiana statutes suffer from Extreme Bloat. The Code Napoleon was intended to contain all the laws in one volume so that the citizens of Louisiana could know what is expected of them. From our state, to Washington and all the regulatory agencies, it is now possible to run afoul of the law almost daily -and never even know it. There are too many laws.

Here’s a suggestion: if politicians are going to pass laws left and right, how about at least deleting laws we don’t need (or are patently ridiculous) to make some room in all those books?

Just one example: Louisiana’s Fallout Shelter Warranty Act.

Louisiana actually has a series of laws covering how fallout shelters must be advertised. No, seriously -even including how big a blast in megatons they must withstand and how you go about exercising your warranty rights against the manufacturer.

To qualify as “blast-resistant” the shelter must withstand the “…pressure  that would occur at a range of approximately two and one-half miles from a ten megaton explosion”.

This law, by the way, takes 7 pages to cover the requirements and what constitutes false advertising. One hilarious portion of the law deals with how you go about enforcing the guarantees on your fallout shelter including “…what any one claiming under the guarantee must do before the guarantor will fulfill his obligation under the guarantee.”

So, would that be getting your money back if your shelter does not withstand a 10 megaton blast? Or maybe getting it repaired without charge? I wonder if it occurred to anyone in the Legislature that satisfying a warranty under these circumstances might be the least of your worries. -LSA R.S. 51:411