Dumb lawyer of the century awardWe have reported over the years on lawyers who get into trouble or even disbarred over the stupid things they do. This is one of the dumbest of all time:

A lawyer is suspended from practicing law for various reasons. While suspended, he takes a retainer to handle a succession and tells his clients the case will be finished “within ten days.” After the clients ask how things are going, he tells them that the case was filed. Finally, after several months, he sends his clients a certified copy of the Judgment of Possession.

Here’s the problem: he never filed anything and the “Judgment” was a complete fabrication. The lawyer had taken a suit number from some other case that had actually been filed, put that number on the Judgment, forged the judge’s signature on the judgment, and somehow put certification stamps on the judgment that looked legitimate.

When the clients tried to use the judgment to get assets turned over to them, the problems began, the forgery was discovered, and the clients had to hire another lawyer to actually do the succession. Meanwhile, our dumb lawyer did exactly the same thing to another client.

The lawyer was charged with six counts of formal charges -but he never responded which was an admission the charges were correct.

“The committee felt that respondent’s most egregious conduct involved his attempts to mislead his clients in the two succession matters by fabricating judgments of possession, supplying erroneous case numbers on prepared judgments, and fabricating official court seals and judges’ signatures on the documents. “

The lawyer was permanently disbarred, which means he can never try to get licensed again in Louisiana or any other state. We do not know from the Court’s opinion whether the lawyer was also charged criminally since it would be up to the local district attorney to decide what to do with the forgery issue.

By the way, the lawyer was disbarred in 2003 but FindLaw.com still lists him as a practicing Louisiana attorney at law.