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      My Dad died. I want my Dad’s medical records because he had dementia and he had a will change 20 days before death. Things were in that will that I know positively my Dad didn’t want. Can my step mother keep me from getting his records or keep Dr from testifying my Dad’s level of competence.? Also do you know long a Doctor’s office keeps medical records in Louisiana? I am his full blooded daughter and can prove it with birth certificate.

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      good info….http://journal.ahima.org/2013/04/01/accessing-deceased-patient-health-records-faq/

      there have been changes in the HIPPA laws… you may want to consult an attorney pdq

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      Getting medical records and the testimony of attending physicians is generally done through litigation and the subpoena powers of the courts.

      In this case, the logical forum would be to use the succession process. Any interested person can open a succession. If a succession has been opened, then any interested party can attack a will that has been probated.

      Yes, you should have a lawyer for this.

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