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      A friend was contacted by an ex girlfriend saying she is pregnant with his twins. They had a very volatile relationship and he has tried to be supportive over the last few months, since finding out, letting her know he’ll support his future children, etc. she seems to be engaging in some stalking behavior and has mood swings telling him she doesn’t want him on their birth certificate and that if he wants out he can walk away. As much as it breaks his heart to do so, he’s considering voluntarily giving up his parental rights because he believes it’s in the best interests of the future children, his existing child & his own sanity to not co-parent with someone that is determined to make his life a living hell for the next 18 years simply because her pregnancy didn’t make him want to get back together. He doesn’t have a problem still having to pay child support once the children are born but he wants to have his ex out of his life. Is it possible for him to begin the process of voluntarily terminating his rights before the babies are born?

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      He can have whatever custodial arrangement he wants, but that has nothing to do with support -as you mentioned.

      The real problem is once you enter into some agreement, the more time that goes by the more he will be stuck with the status quo. So, if he regrets not seeing his kids at some point, there may be nothing he can do. Plus, in my experience, it will not stop stalking behavior.

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      Also…the Keymaster is referring to some kind of custody agreement I believe, while it looks to me you’re referring to being out of the kids’ lives and off the hook. A revocation of rights (termination) can only occur if Family Services finds him to be unfit. The other possibility is that if tge mom gets married and the Step dad wants to file for adoption. Otherwise, Louisiana will not terminate rights because they want someone on the financial hook. I believe that if Family Services terminates his rights, he still has to pay support for them.

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      Understandable. Yeah he wasn’t trying to get off the hook financially, I don’t think he even wants to be off the hook when it comes to being in the kids lives. The mother was just telling him she would give him a chance to walk away and not be involved in anyway and he was thinking it may be for the best for himself and his child and also for the future kids considering it doesn’t seem like their mother will be able to coparent effectively without causing drama or trying to make his life a living hell.

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