Tenant without AC a couple of days wants rent deduction

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      We have a tenant that was without AC for a couple of days. When the tenant reported No Ac it was late in the evening. Then a holiday. We have since repaired. The problem was the builder’s guys had accidentally put a nail through the condensing unit coil. Now the tenant is requesting that she get a reduction in her rent for the days she was without AC. She also claims that she stayed in a motel and it was expensive. We did request her to give us a copy of the receipts or the check out bill from the motel. She says she does not want to furnish these receipts. (we don’t think she has any receipts).

      So, what is the best advice for the landlord in this situation.


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      I don’t think this is so much a legal question as a customer relations question.

      It might be reasonable to want some compensation for the inconvenience and expense. It also would be reasonable to require receipts. You could deduct for two days of rent more as a compromise than because you have to.

      The “have to” issue boils down to what the lease says. Some leases cover this situation. If so, then that would control.

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