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      We have a tenant that was on FEMA rental assistance. They had a lease from Oct. 1, 2016 to Oct. 31, 2017. They have been constantly behind in their rental payments. They owed October rent plus late fees. They skipped out on on October 21, 2017.

      1. Can I notify Fema that they skipped out and owed rent?
      2. Also, can’t i file a schedule E for income taxes?
      3. I have all of the documents, the lease, tenant’s social security number, Notice posted on Oct. 20th for non-payment of
      4. I am also going to file in small claims court.

      When i first met this couple they had lost everything in the 2016 flood and had been living in a hotel. Out of the kindness of my heart I loaned them a cot, with clean bedding, etc. for their son. They were sleeping on air mattresses. I never even got a thank you for this. I think I have learned my lesson.

      I would appreciate your guidance.

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      COuld I do a “Forgiveness letter to the tenant” to pay the unpaid rent and late fees within a 30 day notice and send the
      cancellation of debt to IRS? Then if they don’t pay, i report this on my return as unpaid rent, etc. I have the name, soc, sec.
      number, etc.
      If the do not pay , it might trigger an IRS audit … .as their unpaid rent might be considered income.

      What is the best way to do this?

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      Can i sent the letter of Forgiveness of debt or cancellation of debt letter to the tenants where they work? I know where they both work, I do not have a forwarding address. ?

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      From what I know about FEMA rental assistance, they simply send money directly to the person without any follow-up or concern about how they use the money. I don’t see much point of contacting FEMA -except maybe to let them know the people are not using the money as intended.

      As for the letter of forgiveness, that is more in the CPA realm of expertise. I don’t personally see how rental you never got is either countable as a loss or countable as income. Again, that is for the CPAs.

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