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      My wife recently received an email from our late son’s employer that they made a mistake on his final work check. He died 2.5 years ago from an accident at age 25 and he had no estate. My wife received his final paycheck and now the municipality he worked for states that during an audit they found an error in his last pay stub from 2.5 years ago. They want her to pay the difference. He was employed at the same large city in Louisiana as she is currently.

      This has brought up his passing all over again. Can the city really go after the beneficiary for an accounting mistake they made 2.5 years ago? Can they garnish my wife’s check for the money because they she works there? What would they do if my wife worked somewhere else?

      Any help is appreciated.

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      “My wife received his final paycheck”

      Why did she receive it? Was it a matter of convenience or was it in some official capacity, like executor?

      Ordinarily, when there is an estate with no assets, then that is what a creditor of the estate would get -nothing. It sounds like something different went on here.

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