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      I’m waiting until December to file for a 103 divorce ( it will be 365 days separated). Soon to be ex is trying to buy a new house plus all that goes into fixing it up. I haven’t filed for anything yet. I read somewhere that I could go ahead and file a community property partition agreement now to prevent any further community property liabilities. Need to know how to go about it without hiring an attorney yet. Where to get the form, how to file it without an open case, anything would be helpful. Thanks

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      There is no standard legal form for this.

      And it is a good thing there is no form, because this needs to be done oh so carefully.

      You need to get a lawyer ASAP because there are several avenues you can go down. One would be to file a petition to terminate the community which, if successful, would end any liability for debts the ex runs up.

      Anyway, you get the idea. Only a consultation with a lawyer and some back-and-forth on the strategies will work in this situation.

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      Agree with Lex. You need consultation with good lawyer

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