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      I have a rental housing lease. I need to add in a suitable clause on the rental being used by family members that are named on the lease. I need to add about “guests” staying in the house , etc. what is a suitable clause or
      length of stay. If more than a week.. not good…

      been looking at different standard leases on line and trying to find one that clearly states about guests.
      Would appreciate some help .


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      If you have been looking at standard clauses, you may have seen “Any guest that stays overnight more than ONE time in a MONTH” is an unauthorized tenant and a violation of the lease agreement.”

      Now, it really depends on what you consider to be a reasonable amount of time that a guest can stay. Personally, I think the old saying that guests and fish both start to smell after three days might be reasonable.

      When I was in college I had a roommate who asked me whether his brother-in-law could stay with us for a “day or two”. Before I knew it, we had the brother-in-law, his wife and his two kids. I’m sure that was in violation of the lease we had with the apartment complex.

      Obviously, there has to be something in the lease to prevent that sort of thing from happening.

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      thank you sir. I appreciate.

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      We have a 7 day clause…to allow for vacationing relatives and friends… after that time the Landlord must be notified….and additional charges could be applied…. If you do an adendum make sure YOU and the TENANT both sign it.

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