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      I am married, but we have been separated since Jan 2016. My wife got pregnant in 2014 while I was deployed in Afghanistan. I, like the young idiot I was, got back home and signed the birth certificate. I knew it wasn’t mine but signed anyway. I raised the child up until over 2 years ago. Since then I have had no contact with the child or my wife.
      I plan to file for divorce soon. I haven’t yet just because I really don’t want to intetact with my wife at all. Last time I saw her (trying to have her fill out her portion of a “no arguments” divorce form) she assaulted me and broke my TV.
      In the divorce I file, will I be able to give her 100% custody and relinquish my parental rights? I’ve also been paying for her car insurance this whole time since its required here for married people; will I be able to remove her from my car insurance as well?

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      You generally cannot give up parental rights in exchange for not having to pay support. In general terms, you usually have to have someone else on the hook (so to speak) before you are no longer liable. That is most often accomplished with a step parent adoption if the ex remarries and the new husband agrees.

      There are other possibilities that are too technical to discuss here. You would do well to sit down with a lawyer to look at the options.

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