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      debra sharp

      I have a question.  my daughters husband ask if my daughter could come to my house for about a month to get some rest and recupe.  she has 4 year old twins and she never gets to leave the house except to go to the doctor or grocery shopping.  she has a 18 year old son and a 16 year old son.  I called my son-in-law asking him if everything was ok and he said that there were no problems my daughter just needed some rest.  she has ra and between  the house work and children she just needed a vacation.  right before valentines day he called her and told her she could not come home.  he wasn't ready for her to come back.  her 16 year old son told her that while she was gone a women that is in his reserve unit came and spent a week and the house then left a week then came back and stayed another week.  this person is also married.  when my daughter asked her husband about this he told her that this woman was a friend that was helping him out with the twins so the older boys could work and go to school.  my daughter told her husband that if he would allow her to come him that she would be there for the children and he wouldn't need the help.  my husband and I took her back home when the children came up to visit her.  at that time she had been at my house 6 weeks.  when we got her back home he would not let her in the house and since they live on the base the military police told her that her name was not on the lease and he was in his rights.  we were going to take her and the children back to our house and her husband called the police on us for kidnapping the children.  the civilian police were called and they went with the military police to talk to him and he said sure she could come in.  she got back into the house in the next weekend she was back at our house.  he sent her back to get the twins birthday party together since all the family lives in north Louisiana.  the party had to be cancelled for a week due to taxes hadn't come in so the part was the next weekend.  after the party he told her he wanted to talk to her and since it was late my husband and I went to bed.  her husband gave her a copy of divorce papers he had and said that they had not been signed by the judge yet because he was going to see if she could be the wife she should be, then he got all the children out of bed and left and would not let her go home again.  we believe this other woman has something to do with all this.  my daughter has had both knees replaced already,  she is 36 years old and has had rheumotid arthritis since she was 24.  he does not like the medicine she is on and told her that if she got some sun she would be fine.  she doesn't know what to do.  he had the children and he wont even let her have them for a weekend and he is thinking about allowing her to spend easter with them.  like I said all my daughter has is these petition 102 divorce which he gave her that states at the end hold for service so she has not been sereved.  what do we need to do.  my daughter has been blindsided.  Note by Webmaster: this post was added to an old thread. It has been split into a separate thread where it will get more notice.

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      Unfortunately, the only thing she can do at this point is get a lawyer and do it ASAP.Even though the papers have not been served, it is a pending suit and the clock is ticking.

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      Debra, word to the wise: change your user name so that a Google search doesn't show up that you're posting here, and so that you can't be easily identified. If you are identified, anything you say here is subpoenable and can be entered in the record.

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