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      Ok, 13 acres of family land that has countless heirs almost went up for auction. My grandmother is the executor of the land, and told me about it, so I paid the back taxes. I have also been paying the property tax on it for years now. This land has countless heirs who either don’t care if the land goes up for auction, or do not even know they are heirs. This is old family land so it has been, unknown to some, passed down through many generations. My question is what avenue(s), if any, can I take to put the land in my name solely? Thanks in advance.

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      I can tell you that in a similar case everyone just gave up trying to contact everyone (or even figure out who “everyone” might be.) The ones they did contact about doing a partition or having their share bought out were suspicious and no matter what the deal, figured they were getting cheated out of something they were not even aware existed prior to contact.

      Now, the perhaps easiest thing here is counter-intuitive: stop paying the taxes. Then go in at the tax sale and be the high bidder. There are downsides to this and you should see a lawyer before taking this route.

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