How can i have my act of donation revoked?

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      Hi, in March i did an act of donation (land) to my daughter to help her be able to buy a new home with no money down. The land was split into 2 lots & the deal between her & i was that she is to sign over the other lot to her brother. Now not only does she not want to sign it over to him, she had the marshal’s office serve him an eviction notice to get off of the property in 5 days. He lives in a trailer owned by my mom on that other lot. Is there a way i can revoke the donation & take possession back? What are my options, i’m desperately asking.

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      An act of donation, in some cases, can be revoked for the ingratitude of the donee. That could possibly apply here, but you need to see a lawyer ASAP since there are strict time restrictions on when you can seek to revoke a donation.

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