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      entered into a 1 year lease agreement with Ingle Safari June 29, 2021. I started noticing that the electrical in this house wasn’t working properly. It was power surging, the lights would flicker, the microwave, dryer, air fryer wouldn’t power up all the way until the surge eventually blew out the microwave & the dryers heating element. I contacted Ingle through the tenant portal & let them know about this issue 7/14/21. I let Ingle know again on 8/3/21 that the power surges were still happening even after the contractor said it was fixed. The issue was finally fixed 8/5/21. I let them know about my microwave & dryer which they responded that I’m responsible to replace items fried by the house power surging. 12/29/21 I contacted Ingle to let them know that my son was walking through the living room and that he fell through the floor. The owner of the house Paulette came out here to look at. I told her that this house has serious foundation issues that there are several soft & cracked flooring where the most soft area were. Paulette responded with no way there’s anything wrong I had the foundation fixed last year & all new flooring put in. I walked her through & she said she’d get someone to come out & check on it. I also showed her the front porch that it’s unstable & rotting that it needed to be fixed before someone fell through. She just looked at me. I talked to her a few times over the phone but no one came out to check the foundation issues. On Jan 5, 2022 I got covid was very sick. I let Paulette know that I was sick. She text me Jan 10,2022 asking if I was feeling better. I let her know I was still running a high fever & not well. No contractor ever came out here to check the foundation or to patch the hole in the living room. The hole is still left open as of May 26,2022.
      April 29,2022 I notified Ingle that I had been out of town for 3 weeks visiting my new grand baby and the house was broken into. The back door had been kicked in & that I didn’t feel safe here if they’d move me into another property. Ingle told me that they’d let me out of my lease only because I had a month left but I’d have to pay a fee & wouldn’t get any of my deposits back. On May 11,2022 Nicole from Ingle text me to let me know that the door locks & the hole from the doorknob slamming into the wall had been covered. She sent me a bill for the repairs in the amount of $152.52 that I had 30 days to pay.
      May 12, 2022 Paulette the house owner text me asking if a contractor had showed up here I told her no. May 13, 2022 she called to let me know that a contractor would be coming here to finally check the foundation. May 13,2022 Angel Gonzalez came did a walk through he didn’t do anything. May 18,2022 Angel & another guy came this time he went under the house & took photos. He came back & spoke to me told me that the house was rotten that a few sheet of plywood had been replaced but this wasn’t a safe place to be in due to the risk of falling through the floor. He hasn’t been back nor has the living room hole been patched.
      On May 25, 2022 I was walking into the bathroom & I fell through the floor. I’m sore, scratched & bruised. I called Ingle several times yesterday & no one answered.
      Anything legally I can do?

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