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      I helped raise my grandson for nearly 6 years of his life and month and half of my new grand daughter. In August 2014, my daughters husband (as of November 2014)came into my home and assaulted me. We are still going through court to determine his punishment.  Well now since I won't drop charges against him, she has totally taken away my seeing, talking to and any public access to them. The children are not even her new husbands. What can I do as a grand mother to get visitation rights to see my grand children without dropping charges? Please help! Loosing precious time by not being in their lives. Also, if punishment is hard for him, it has been made clear that those children will never know me.  :'(

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      Participant confusing....maybe you could ask for a mediator.....or ask a family atty....seems you don't have much to go on unless you drop the charges....CALL ASAP

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      Louisiana law gives you a right to seekvisitation privileges. What happens then is totally up to a particular judge. The statutes require that visitation be based on the interests of the child and that can boil down to the amount of contact with the child and the quality of that contact.The only possible way to decide what to do at this point is to sit down with a lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs of your local courts. A determination needs to be made as to the chances of your success. The assault is an additional thorny issue that needs to be addressed.

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