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      In a word, HOW? I’ve googled and called and looked all over for the forms needed to file a succession for my father’s estate. There is a very simple, legal will but not much help out there. I was told just the filing fee was $395 which is more than the estate has! Can someone point me in the direction of the proper forms for filing a testate unsupervised will please? The only hang up is he house my father lived in, which was deeded to both of us with rights of survivorship. There’s no real value because the mortgage is only 18 months old. There’s a camp he sold last year as a rent to own lease and there’s still money owed on THAT property too. That’s the only immovables. He had just bought a car with a car note that was brand new and as executor I gave that to my brother with the stipulation he take over payments. I tried to contact a lawyer but the email promptly got returned. I’m 64, inexperienced and at wits end. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Valerie Jagneaux (great book by the way. I’ve used it several times)

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      Was your father living in Louisiana when he died? The reason I ask is that LA does not recognize rights of survivorship for real estate.

      Anyway, there are no particular forms. It is just something lawyers learn how to do and make their own forms. Perhaps you could look at a couple of probate files and get some ideas on what needs to be filed. The files are public records and you can view them at the clerk of court.

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      Hardy Parkerson

      I have just discovered this site that I think I used to post on over ten
      years ago when I was still practicing law. If you, Valerie, still are having
      problems, call me at (337) 930-1565, and I shall be glad to discuss this
      matter with you. There will be no charge whatsoever, as I am no longer
      practicing law; but perhaps I can be of help to you in some way.

      Hardy Parkerson
      Retired Lawyer, after 40 years of active practice
      Lake Charles – (337) 930-1565

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