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      I was hired by a large medical group in an affluent suburb of New Orleans. I was hired as a clinical Director to head up a new department there. My experience is in an all cash cosmetic procedure and have bee performing this procedure for 17 years. The physician I directly work for needs my skills of this procedure to offer to the public a service and also to gain cases under his belt to become board certified in this part of the cosmetic industry. An average case is $10,000. The contract that was offered to me was a crappy base and a bonus structure that seemed reasonable for this part of the country. So I signed this. My duties were verbally stated to me which was to secure case leads, consult with them, secure them, perform them. I was to do my own marketing by building my department website. his medical practice has many departments, all of which has a department head. We share the costs of the bulding rent and I have to take care of my own expenses, overhead such as medical supplies, pay salaries (my own, the physician fee, and any technical staff), and any marketing such as website hosting google ads, etc. I took upon myself to ask them if I could fix their lousy website that was not even on google page 10 for any of the other departments. I am good at SEO and website creation. 6 months later I had brought in 60K cash in procedures, kept my overhead low, got an exponential increase in web traffic to their website as well as mine, and filled in other departments that I had skills at from previous work. I became what I thought valuable… Until I started asking questions at the monthly financial meetings. In fact, I asked for a simple look at receipts for my expenses and asked to see the ledger. I was badgered for asking such a thing and found out later that no one had ever asked for these things in 10 years. I was and still am badgered, threatened, bullied and after the 1st quarter, my bonus was $177 for everything that had been done. I had to work after office hours to correct the worthless website and asked for compensation for that. They said no. I asked for a bumb in my base pay. They said no. I found $10,000 of ppure case that cannot be accounted for and the numbers they provided me every month never matched up with anything I had or they had month to month. At one point the practice manager asked me to take a sexual harrassment class online because I made someone in a conversation or someone that overheard the conversation uncomfortable. I asked why wasn’t everyone else taking the class? They said it didnt matter. I stated that I’ve never been told anything remotely that I have talked or said anything that would b=make someone uncomfortable. I do not have a history of unprofessional ism. They didn’t make me sign anything. Just to take the class and continued to treat me as though I were a second class citizen. My practice manager was just as a=bad as the physician who texted me that I would be fired on the spot if something wasn’t to occur the next day. Texted to me a 9:30PM. I began to record every meeting, financial monthly meeting, anytime I had to be alone with a physician and practice manager. ANd have all emails, financial documents, and other burden of proof to show that these people are wanting me to quit, because I discovered monies being incorrect. It has been 6 months total and it is time for someone to help me. One last thing. I received a job description via handed a paer after a financial meeting 5 months into my employment. It states things that are extremely discriminatory… particularly to my physical limp that I have for an injury that I will need to have repaired, stating I have to have full range of motion to do my job in all joints. I have to do all of these duties that seem impossible for one person but I do them. I am not allowed to collect monies from cases I secure is in bold letters. Why? Every department head has this authority. My point here is that I have never asked to do money collection on my cases but why can’t I? I believe that they are scared as to what I know and probably know they have abused me mentally and definitely have not honored my contract. My previous tax returns from my past employments show what they think I am worth. What is anyone’s opinion here? Thank you in advance.

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      I can tell you from my own experiences that you may be spinning your wheels over this (and staying awake until 3:19 a.m. worrying).

      Your situation is way too complicated to say what you should or should not do. You really need to talk to a lawyer about whether anything here is a violation of law. Most ERISA type situations only apply to companies with more that a certain number of people. You can also look at whether you have a civil case for damages. A lawyer experienced in this area would have to go over the details.

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