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      Mother passed with an olographic will. The balance in the savings account is about 15k. Can I put an approximate value for the account? Its going on the Estimative Detailed Descriptive List. Its the only asset. I just want to do a simple placing in possession without administration.

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      Is the bank account the only asset? That is a shame since absent a will this could be done by affidavit without having to do a succession.

      In any event, there should be no problem estimating the amount. There is no longer an inheritance tax so there is nobody who particularly cares about getting exact figures. If there were, you could always file an amended descriptive list later -but I don’t see where that would ever be necessary.

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      What we often see is that an olographic will simply leaves everything to the same people who would inherit if there were no will. For example, if a will says I leave everything to my children -then that is what could happen without a will.

      For the sake of saving very high court fees, it might be more convenient (in some cases) to forget there is a will if the result is going to be the same either way.

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