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      3 years ago my mother in law donated her home to my husband, her son . So that we could come take care of her and stay here. (She named me as usufruct until death and herse) We just arrived from California less than 6 months ago after selling our home and giving away most all possessions. By the time we got here her mental capacity was very diminished and has put us through the ringer…last week out of blue she had sheriff come over to give 1 5 day eviction. My husband took paper work to sheriff and yes they said he owns property. She got an attorney…my question is can she evict us ? Thank you for your response.

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      Is your husband an only child? If her mental capacity is diminishing so quickly, he should hire an attorney to file a Petition for Interdiction and asking the court to name him as her primary care-giver. Which would also simultaneously put an end to any concerns about being evicted.

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