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    I live in a country area very far out of town. Normally permits for some things are not required in this area. My son placed a camper about 10 feet from a gully which is also my personal property. My sewage and the neighbors sewage run to the gully (large ditch/waterway for drainage) My son was going to dig a hole for a barrell and run a pipe 10 feet to the gully rather than tying in to my homes sewage system.
    The neighbor came out complaining that he needed a permit to do that. The neighbors real problem was he didn’t want my son living that close to his residence. There is a lot of noise and screaming and sometimes police at the neighbors home. I don’t think he wants anyone to know what goes on there. My question: By digging a sewage system for a camper on private property draining on my own personal property. Is that illegal in a country area several miles away from any city limits. This is what other neighbors do without any problems from anyone, but they don’t live close to this neighbor of mine. Thank you for your reply.

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    There is so much variation in permitting from one jurisdiction to another that it really takes checking with your local permit office to see what their take on this would be.

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