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      In 2013, i was a victim of a theft in my home of over $150th. The defendant pleaded guilty. I was in court, east baton rouge parish. I was at the criminal trial. My attorney wasn’t there. The judge gave him drug rehab, anger management, etc. but no
      consequences whatsoever. The attorney with the DA’s office didn’t offer any help at all. Thus, all he got was going to all of these rehabs. In reality he should have gotten about 14 years on this felony charge. The victim in this case was way over 65. SO it would probably fall under the heading of “elderly abuse”.
      Both the father and the son are named in the crimimal case and the civil case.

      Question: Is there any way the district attorney can go back and review this case and the in appropriate way it was handled? can the case be reopened.?

      Not sure what is going to happen in the civil trial at this point. I would appreciate.

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      Generally the rule of Double Jeopardy would apply and once the case is adjudicated, it cannot be reviewed for possible heavier penalties. What happened in your case was apparently a plea deal between the DA and the defendant which was then OKd by the judge.

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      YOu know, I guess you are right. I had no attorney with me at the trial. Only the attorney that was suppose to help me that worked for the D.A. and his attorney. I was advised wrong. My attorney was out of town at the time.

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