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      I received bills in April 2017 for co pays from the past fall…. sept oct and nov of 2016. I was told at the time the treatments didnt have co pays. Anyway. NPS the billing agent for the hospital/clinic is pressuring me to set up a “payment arrangement” or they will turn over for collections. I have paid on them since I received them and verified that I owed the amounts. It adds up to over $600 between the three bills (one for each month). QUESTION: If I continue to PAY on the bills monthly without a dedicated amount can they still turn them over for collections? They threatened me with collections after I had the bills for only 3 weeks….not even 30 days… Am I required to “pledge” a certain amount inorder to avoid collections? Living on a very fixed income…I dont know if I will have the same amount to dedicated every month…

      On the back of my ck this endorsement was printed…”deposit only attc…..myname…credit to account…..20.00 of within named payee without 130 Dyn Prejudice Fifth Third Bank”

      What does this 130 dyn Prejudice mean?

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      It isn’t a legal term of any sort. I tried googling “130 dyn prejudice” and the #1 hit was your post 🙂

      I would guess it is something internal to the creditor or the bank.

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      I’m going to hazard a guess that is 130 dyn (days) (net tinder) predjuidce and means that they are expecting you to pay the whole thing within 130 days or they will go after you.

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      Another point here is that accepting partial payment on a debt can be construed to be a forgiveness of the remainder of the debt. This endorsement is making it clear that cashing the check is “without prejudice” to the creditor’s rights as to the balance.

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