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      I was not married at the time and was summons to court by ex girlfriend over paternity. I hire an attorney to represent me. Two children are involved. The second child was born after we broke up, my ex wouldn’t let me see the kids, so before I went to court I have never laid eyes on the baby girl. I wanted to see them so when I appeared in court I agreed to child support. My first visit was supervised so the first time I seen the baby was during this visit and clearly could tell the baby was not the same race as me.
      I was able to talk with my attorney and told him I didn’t want to sign the agreement I didn’t feel the child was mine. He told me he needed an additional 1500.00 and I told him I didn’t have it, I assumed if I didn’t sign the agreement at some point the judge would ask my why I choose not to and I would explain my situation. I never got the chance to do that as my attorney forged my name on the agreement papers. Is this a legal process and it the ruling still valid. Thank you legal troubles

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      Couple of questions:

      1) When was the agreement signed?
      2) Was the signature obviously not yours? In other words, did it not look at all like your signature?

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