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      My soon-to-be ex spouse and I are filing the 103 petition for divorce form after 180 days of separation, since no children were involved.
      We amicably agreed on a split of the finances.
      Each spouse now has their vehicle title in their name, and we already have separate bank accounts and so forth with separating other accounts.
      Neither of us have debt accounts in both of our names.
      Everything is separate.
      The house is already in my name since I purchased the house before the marriage (of 3 years).
      The spouse is living in a separate apartment.

      I would like to find out if there a way to state “what is in her name is her property” and “what is in his name is his property” since we already split everything up.
      There is no property or account with both spouse names on it left.
      I basically want to dissolve the ‘community property’ agreement that was created on the day of the marriage license, but that task seems anything from ‘basic’.

      I saw another post in this forum mentioning that there is no “one” Community Property Partition form due to the nature of how different each situation often is; thanks to @Lex for sharing that(post link).

      This link has an example Community Property Partition form from an LA district court website:
      (if link breaks: do a web search for ’15th judicial district court Community Property Partition’)

      At that page, please scroll down to the very bottom.
      There is a blue hyperlink saying:
      “Click Here for Community Property Partition Example 1”

      1.) Question:
      That example form has ‘attorney’ signature areas at the bottom.
      Does a Community Property Partition form *always* require an attorney’s signature?
      Could a notary sign instead on that ‘attorney’ line? (I’m assuming notaries are cheaper than attorneys, please correct if I’m wrong)
      If not, do attorneys exist who would offer discounts to folks as myself who try to do all the ‘legwork’ they can before calling the pros?
      Or, would attorneys generally scrap my paper and use their ‘example'(generic) doc that they usually start off with that probably includes their personal verbiages they like to use? (ie. am I’m wasting my time)

      Thanks so much for reading.

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