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      My two boys which are twins turned 18 in January of 2015. They both attend High School full time right now so under Louisiana law I know I have to pay until they graduate from high school. My child support is due on the 15th of each month and I have always paid with a personal check directly to her and we really haven't ever had any major problems raising them together. According to LA law I know I don't have to do anything special to end child support it just will atomically end when they graduate. There is no language in our divorce papers that states how and when to end it. So my question is the last day for seniors is on May 7th. The graduation ceremony is on May 14th. so does my child support obligations end then and do I have to pay on the next day which is the 15th and the day I'm suppose to pay or am I totally done on the the 7th or 14th. In my mind the money I will pay on April 15 covers the month from that day till May 15th so I would be done. My child support changed automatically when my oldest son graduated but that was in the papers.Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Thank You,(The simple question April 15th or May 15th would be my last payment?)

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      Unless things have changed drastically, support past the age of 18 for a child in secondary school is not automatic. It is either paid voluntarily or someone has to bring legal proceedings to ask for support.If that was never done, it sounds like what you have been paying has been voluntary and you would be free to stop when you want.However, you said something about "papers" for your older child. Is there a son other than the twins? Were "papers" ever court issued for the twins granting support past age 18?

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      usually the divorce spells out the terms….until 18 – until graduation – and can include payments to continue if the child goes straight to college…re-read your papers

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      It is extremely rare in Lousiana for support to be ordered into high school. I believe the legislature actually says 'secondary school' which is high school. If you've always had a good relationship with the other parent, just talk with them. If they want that last month, it might be worth it to avoid any chance of them filing some kind of motion.In general, the month they graduate is the last month of child support, OR the month they turn 19 if they still haven't graduated.

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