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      I have a Revokable Living Trust (created in St. Tammany Parish) with my home and other possessions in the trust. I want to add 42 acres I purchased a year ago (in Allen Parish) into my trust. Is this possible to do myself and if so, what steps would I need to take? Or would it be best left to an attorney to do?


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      It needs to be transferred into the Trust by an authentic act -a legal instrument with two witnesses and a notary together with the thansferor and transferee.

      I would certainly recommend a lawyer or title company (probably still going to be a lawyer) since any mistakes could cause serious title issues that would prompt the need for a succession. And, of course, that would defeat the benefit of having the Trust.

      We usually do these with an Act of Donation where you are giving the property to yourself as Trustee of the Trust.

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