Here’s some help for the Louisiana law practitioner. 

It comes in the form of CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software from Credenza.

Credenza manages cases, clients and other law office operations by acting as an add-on for Microsoft’s Outlook. If you are an Outlook user,Credenza may be the ideal solutions to Outlook’s shortcomings.If you don’t use Outlook, maybe this is the excuse you are looking for to put together a comprehensive CRM. You may already even have Outlook, but never made full use of it’s potential. From the Credenza site:

“Credenza organizes your Outlook email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes according to your client files or projects.

Simply and easily.

More: it organizes your documents, phone calls, billable time, expenses, research and any other information you want to track in the same client files. All within your familiar Outlook.

The result? You can provide better client service, track more billable time and are much better organized. All of which helps you be more on top of your practice and sleep better at night.”