Sex Change ManningLet me say, first of all, that this has really gotten to be a strange world where fact is fiction and fiction is fact. Nobody could have made this story up twenty years ago.

So Chelsea (I’ve forgotten his man name) Manning received a sentence commutation today and will be released on May 17. President Obama also pardoned 67 others while he was at it. We now have a president who pardons left and right -well, no, he pardons left. Felons with “minor” drug charges are pardoned in bulk, like cheese slices from Sams.

Will Julian Assange now agree to be extradited as he promised? He did say in September that he would trade himself for Chelsea if Chelsea were to be “freed”.

I suspect that since technically Chelsea wasn’t pardoned, Assange will stay hunkered down. Edward Snowden tweeted today:

In five more months you will be free. Thank you for what you did for everyone, Chelsea. Stay strong a few months longer.

There are probably a few legal points that could be made here, but other than introducing an amendment to the Constitution to limit the presidential abuse of the pardon system, I don’t feel like going there. I would use the precedent of Bill Clinton selling a pardon to Marc Rich (Google it) as reason enough to start the process.