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Tat-2 and the venue fight

Tat-2 the Bounty HunterThe reality TV show Tat-2 the Bounty Hunter went to court recently where the issue of venue was litigated, or almost litigated.

On April 12, 2012, Tat-2 arrested a suspect at the suspect’s home in Jefferson Parish. The full television crew was there to record the event. Tat-2 and his crew claimed the arrest was based on the suspect’s prosecution for possession of stolen things, while the suspect claimed his only crime was read more…

Why your 1040 will be harder

Tax return will suck this yearYour taxes are going to be a bigger pain than ever this year, and the reason is Obamacare.

Much of the strategy of getting Obamacare passed in the first place was to put off the pain until the elections were over. That was a no-brainer for the cynical politicians who wanted to saddle us with something nobody understood, but put off all the nasty features until it was too late to scrap the whole idea. read more…

Lawyers and sex with their clients

Lawyers and sex with clientsWhat harm is there in lawyers having affairs with their clients?

The Louisiana Supreme Court addressed this interesting question when a lawyer was reported to the Disciplinary Board by an angry husband.

The Court discussed six separate cases where the lawyer in question, who read more…

Challenge to will based on lawyer’s suspension

Challenge to willDoes a suspended lawyer’s notarization of a will make the will invalid?

In another interesting case decided last month, a lawyer suspended from the practice of law prepared and notarized a will that was challenged by a disgruntled daughter. The challenge was based on the fact that Louisiana law basically states that when a lawyer who is also a notary is disbarred read more…

Catch-22 child support problem

Child support problemsA father is ordered to pay child support based on 50+ hours of work, but loses split custody if he works 50+ hours.

A father is awarded split custody of his daughter and also is ordered to pay support based on his usual practice of working as much overtime as he is offered. However, the order goes on to stipulate that if works more than 50 hours, read more…

Your home is not an investment

Home is not investmentThere is nothing wrong with home ownership, but stop thinking of it as an investment.

According to Freddie Mac, home prices have gone up an average of 3.7% per year in the last 30 years while inflation has been 2.8% per year. Not included are the costs of buying and selling a home.Besides the fees paid to buy and then again to sell, read more…