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    I was injured on the job in 1993 and went back to work until 2000 when I was no longer able to work because of the injury. During that time the employer sent me to at least 7 different doctors trying to get me rehabilitated. I was awarded Permanent Total Disability in 2000 and also receive SSD. The employer sent me to their doctor in 2006 and 2008 and the doctor said I would never be able to return to work.

    Now, out of the blue the employer and insurance company wants me to go see a physical rehab doctor, 16 years after I had to stop working (and 23 years after the injury) because of my injury.

    Since I’ve seen all these doctors, am I required to go to this other doctor? Seems like they should have tried to help me more the last 16 years.

    Thank you,
    Frustrated Injured Worker

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    They always have the right to re-evaluate a case, especially if something new has come up -like new medical procedures.

    Of course, it has to be reasonable. In this case, from what you describe, it could be reasonable. This is a situation where you need to consult an experienced workers’ comp lawyer to she what he/she thinks about it.

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