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      I was hurt 9 years ago and W/C wants to settle. They want to give a lump sum directly to me for medical instead of separating it to yearly basis. I asked for so much per year. They owe me back pay 81000 dollars. Offered me $47000. Should I be expecting them to make another offer before proposed court date next month. I don’t know what to expect. Any suggestions or help of any kind? Also if I accept medical payment does that belong to me if not used in three years or could I have surgery in 5 or ten years and still need that money to pay for it?
      Thank you for your reply.

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      Sorry I was hurt in 2009 It’s been 7 years instead of nine. I had a head injury and still don’t always think quite right.

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      Do you have a lawyer helping you with this?

      Workers comp is a very specific area of law that requires very specific knowledge and experience.

      Since the fees that can be charged by lawyers in WC cases are limited, if you haven’t consulted a WC expert I suggest you do so ASAP. This is especially true if you have a court date set.

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