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      Hi again.  It's been 6 months since my last post re my divorce.  I thank you for all the info you provided and am back to ask more questions! My hubby filed for a no-fault divorce when we split.  He filed a week after the split which was July 21, 2014.  I accepted service.  Now that the 6 months have passed, I want to get this over with and called the clerk of court to see if he has filed further paperwork.  He hasn't.  What bothers me is I was told there is something like "three more legal steps to go through."  What does this mean?  How much longer before the divorce is finally granted?  Do we have to wait additional months/weeks?  We have no children, have a pre-nup and just want to be rid of each other...especially want MY name back!Please tell me what must happen next.Thank you kindly,Sum

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      Thanks for re-registering at the new location, Summer.Once the waiting period is over, then either party can petition the court to finalize the divorce. The sensible thing would be to harass the soon-to-be ex to get moving. It is likely that he already paid for the whole divorce process and it could be that his lawyer is in no particular hurry.I would start by seeing what the STBE has to say about the situation.The additional steps would include a petition to finalize with a verification that there has been no reconciliation and a hearing, which in some courts only the lawyer needs to attend. Again, there is little point in you spending time and money on this unless for some reason he does not intend to follow through.

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      I think you should seek XXXXXXXX advice from a good divorce lawyer regarding this issue. I have read something about the collaborative divorce in one article in which the divorce settlements are done out of the court and is not so time consuming.Note by Administrator: And so the spamming begins. A law firm located in Virginia posts a link back to their firm -it has been removed. This post is makes no sense anyway. I suspect the law firm has hired a company to improve their rating with search engines without knowing that the company then outsources to a building full of spammers in India who have the job of registering in sites for the sole purpose of posting spam. Sick.

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