There is something very fishy going on in my Tax Assessor's Office

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    Old man of the sea

    Last week was the first time in ten years I viSited my parish courthouse. While there I decided to check the deed on my personal home to see if my mortgage company had actually cleared their lien on my home after I paid it off 3 years ago…..THEY THERE TOLD ME I OWNED NO PROPERTY AT THAT ADDRESS !!!…”hUH?, check again!”…So then I demand they look it up in all those huge books they had laying around.

    Finally, they found the property and did the clickity clack computer crap and handed me a printout that showed my home had been auctioned off at a tax deed sale 2.5 years ago…Then the clerk cute female whispered to me that the buyer was the sleeziest person on the planet and was in there almost daily concerning these type transactions…..She also explain I had just a few months to pay all the arrears plus interest or he would own my home.

    I ran up to the tax office and they told me it was sold at sheriffs auction for 99 bucks in back taxes and the guy had continued to pay the taxes for two years, so it would cost me almost 3 thousand to reclaim my home….I grabbed my check book and they said it had to be a cashiers check, so I would have to return next week.

    Then back down to thw assessors office full of questions!!!!!

    The clerk assured me they had sent me mail telling me that my assessment had increased and I owed additional taxes but I never responded….I called BS, show me you sent me mail!!!!…Then the clerk shows me a printout that had a goofy azzed address I had never used that they used to “notify” me……Ok, now 3K poorer and shocked I demanded they change my mailing address in their friggin computer to my correct address which happened to match exactly the address specified in the documents they used to sell my property!

    That is when another clerk stepped up and said he would handle that….He filled out the change of address form and and slid it to me to sign…..But I read it first….The jerk had filled in BOTH the old and new addresses exacly the same!!!!!!….By now I getting upset…….I had him correct it and he assured me he would update their computer…..Hmmmmmmmm

    I return today with the cashier’s check and get my recept from the tax office and return to the assessors office with it…..He once again butts in and states he would handle it…..Another clerk tells him he needs to renew my lifetime tax exemption….So he fills out another form and slides it to me to sign…BUT!!!! on that form instead of my name he filled in the name of the jerk that had bought the house at auction!!!!

    At that point I was really upset……I demanded it be corrected and someone else perform it.

    By the time I get home I’m thinking this guy that is a constant winner at the tax auction has a buddy inside the assessors office….A simple change of address will cause a chain of events that will lead to the total loss of a home for back taxs….Hummmmmm….Like, who today thinks to check the assessors office every year to verify their mailing address?…Not me….Duh.

    My widowed sister in law holds a very high elected office there in that court house and knows everyone of those people…..I will ask her abouth this guy in the assessors office and if he might be working as an insider for the constant auction winner…..If things appear they have a scam going I will take it to the state police and not a local agency.

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    Interesting. Keep us posted

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    Old man of the sea

    Yeah, it’s getting interesting for sure.

    Today I discovered the auction winner has 41 properties under his belt from tax auctions.

    I’m being careful to generate evidence quietly so as not to cause alarm.

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    Old man of the sea

    Oh….And also noted assessors office has not recorded xfer of my house back to me since last Tues when I paid tha back taxes and penalties.

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    Old man of the sea

    Ok….things/investigation are happening very quietly and evidence is being generated….Funny how many county tax assessors and tax assessor employes in this country are going to prison for fraud and downright theft….Clerks of court too.

    Us folks need to pay very strick attention and let them know we watch their every move.

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    Old man of the sea

    Mr LEX, I assure you I am on to and all over these cock suckers and each and every one of those cheating bastards wiil serve hard time….takes time my friend, but the evidence is piling up daily….no statute of limitations apply so no hurry….just build your case secretly and carefully then launch the torpedo … one can escape a US MK48 Adcap torpedo…been there and done that many times…seen the hamburger

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