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      We have had joint custody for a little over a year with each of us having my son for a week at a time….my son’s father all of a sudden stopped calling and coming around about two months into this court ordered document and now is wanting to sign all of his rights over due to his new girlfriend being pregnant and neither of them wanting to have anything to do with my son. He is willing to sign over his rights but I cant afford an attorney; can we sign and notarize a document stating this or do we have to go in front of a judge?

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      In most cases a father will not be allowed to just terminate his obligation to support his child. It would not really matter what he signs. To do so is considered against public policy.

      The exception would be a step-parent adoption. If you were re-married your current spouse could adopt your son, with the ex giving his consent, and at the point the adoption was approved your ex would no longer have any parental rights (or obligations).

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