Storm damage to Mother's house next door-insurance claim problems

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    Old man of the sea

    Earlier this year we experienced a strong storm that blew a huge healthy tree down across my Mother’s outbuilding and also totally destroyed an expensive utility trailer parked next to her outbuilding.

    I took many pictures of the destruction and filed a claim with her insurance on her behalf because she is 86 years old and under hospice care.

    The insurance company sent an adjuster out where together we inspected the damage and he took photos, then submitted the claim.

    My Mother’s insurance policy is a total replacement policy that excludes any age or depreciation and is intended to restore damage fully with a very low deductible. It has been an expensive policy and in effect for over 23 years. This is her first claim.

    At my expense I had the tree removed and the trailer scrapped ($500 expense), and waited for her insurance company to respond.

    After about 2 months they sent her a check for just $760….We have not cashed the check…The insurance company refuses to discuss her claim any further…Her outbuilding remains un-repaired….The insurance company now refuses to answer the phone or emails.

    Her utility trailer cost well over $2,500 new, and her outbuilding will cost at least $2,000 to repair.

    At my expense, I replaced her trailer, but I am too old to make repairs and cannot afford to hire repairs to her outbuilding.

    My question here is how can I force her insurance company to properly “make her whole again” as guaranteed in her long standing policy?

    Do I hire an attorney to sue them?

    Thank you for your suggestions

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