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      My grandson with help of ex son in law, his Dad, stole my Lincoln and sold it to salvage yard and had it crushed. I hear salvage yard is liable for my car cause they had no paperwork for it. Is this true? Must they pay for it? How would that happen? Car still at salvage, crushed. Where do I stand now? Salvage knows now I am owner? What do I do?

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      Maybe some harsh love starting with a criminal complaint?

      It would be hard to say who is responsible for what as far as the junk yard liability. That could depend on whether it was reasonable for them to think the car belonged to your grandson.

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      The salvage owner said he thought it was the Dad’s car. He said Dad called said he had a car to sell. When son arrived with car ,he said it was his DADS CAR. HE figured since Dad called and said he was sending his son,he believed him. Did tell them he would have to crush car with no paperwork. I did tell law why salvage accepted car. I think they believed him.
      I have not made official report but did talk to law.

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