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    Old man of the sea

    Hello Lex,

    Me again…..I’m moving along selling everything so I can hit the road in an RV….

    I decided to keep my dead parents home next door for now, and sell my house with everything in it-everything.

    My nephew wants my house and has the cash to buy it….So we don’t want/need a realitor of any complicated crap that will only cost us money.

    I remember in days of old, such things were handled via “Cash Deed Sale”.

    Of course we will do a title search and a survey, but there is no lien on my house, so closing will be super simple.

    And yeah, I’ve scheduled total replacement of the septic system already, and made all repairs required….House is ready to sell, as is.

    So, please offer suggestions and/or things required to do a successful cash deed sale today!

    Thanks again, LEX!


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    Just use a title company (usually buyer pays closing costs) and the title company (almost always owned by a LA lawyer) will examine title and prepare the Act of Cash Sale.

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