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    I have the rule to evict and the supporting documents. I am the property manager and have the owner’s POA to conduct the business, etc. I am going to file at the court office.

    WHen the hearing comes up to appear in court, do I need an attorney with me?

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    What court?

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    Lex is asking what court because there is Justice of the Peace Court, City Court, District Court, Parish Civil Court (in some areas), and so on. It makes a difference on how strict the procedures are.

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    the court is east baton rouge parish…


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    In general terms, the procedures in a District Court are stricter. So, yes, it would be a good idea to at least consult a lawyer to review what you have filed and to go over with you what to expect.

    It also makes a difference as to whether you think the defendant is going to appear and/or contest the eviction. There are strict procedures as to how a defendant must handle his part of this as well -something to discuss with a lawyer that you make familiar with your fact situation.

    For future reference, most evictions are handled through justice of the peace courts because: it is much faster; it is much cheaper; and it is expected than no lawyers are involved. JP courts give you more leniency as to procedural rules and something closer to instant justice.

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