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    Need some clarification…sorry if this double posts but I lost my connection…

    On Building Permit applications in NOLA…there are 2 boxes…
    Residential (two family)
    Residential (half party wall double)

    A property is owned by a father and son…(deed) family stuff…. a permit will applied for and the PWD box was checked. there are renovations being done to one side the Fathers. and some outside and roof stuff on whole house

    my understanding is that these old doubles in NOLA built in the 1900 are “doubles” there is no fire wall or division of “sides when it come to ownership

    Problem… family squabbles and Son thinks the other brother who is spearheading the renovations on the fathers side with POA is attemting to establish a division of the ownership … when the father passes away – HE and other heirs will have established a 50% ownership instead of the normal rule of law where the son on the deed would actually recieve 62.5%….retaining HIS 50% ownership and a 4th of the fathers ownership Four kids….

    Also my understanding of the “Party Wall doubles” like many oof the structures you see in Metairie along I-10 etc these are actually TRUE PARTY WALL DOUBLEs with an extended “fire wall” protruding abouve the roof and each side is seperately owned…kinda like a condo but with out a HOA/Covenant…and that all Party wall doubles had a deed agreement included…

    what is the definition of a party wall double vs a true old NOLA double without a fire wall etc…. Thanks….

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    Got no ideas here. N.O. is world to itself and I’m a simple Northshore lawyer.

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