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    Okay, I’m having a little bit of trouble. I’m currently living in a apartment complex that my work paid for. They signed the lease but we are the residents here for about 7 months. I lost my job due to some problems in my life and my job said that I have until Thursday to move out of my apartment. My question is can they legally and physically make me leave in that time-span ? Or would I have to be evicted since it’s been my residence and have received mail, ect here for over 6 months?

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    Are u listed as residing there on the lease?

    Did u sign anything with your company?

    Even roommate situations require a legally filed notice of eviction. If it wasn’t served by the sheriff it’s not actually a true legal eviction if I understand things. As landlords ppl often send a 5 day notice to vacate and if the tenants doesn’t leave we are required to file a true eviction notice. Depending on any agreement with your employer such as if they owed u monies they could possibly withhold that pay. You could get it back through legal channels but hassle. Surely the paid the rent for June???

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