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      This is kinda odd
      Father and son own double together
      Another daughter has poa. No one talked to each other
      POA daughter fills out building permit application for work being done on Fathers”side “. As being “own contractor “
      Coordinated by contractor and 3rd sibling
      Now it’s evident the contract was scamming the Father. Father was signing checks and living with the contractor while construction was on going.
      Father had filed suit against son to recoup mortgage payments, portions of insurance and taxes
      Son filed counter suit for “damages done by contractor

      Sons attorney talks daughter into signing settlement on her behalf “personally “. Stating if she didn’t settle for XX amount they would sue her for triple … all based on her signature on the Building permit attesting to it being punishable for lies on application. The army told her because she signed that application she is LIABLe got the contractors mistakes. She signed as poa fir her father

      Was this kosher???
      Daughter felt like she was in dangerous situation she’s also going through other personal devastating issues. And did not have legal representation. She was kinda ambushed with signing

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      Question being was platiff (sons)correct in ambushing daughter at coffee meeting when she didn’t have legal rep and wasn’t told his attorney would be present

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      Kind of confusing.

      By “double” you mean, perhaps, duplex?

      “The army told her…’ How is the Army involved?

      Father and contractor were living together? Need some details there. Are you maybe switching from referring to person as “daughter with POA” to “Contractor”? Are they the same person?

      Yes, ambushing her with the attorney is wrong, but then this sort of thing happens all the time.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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