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    How can one search topics or tags within a Forum?

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    I never noticed before, but you can only apparently search the Forums from the main Forum page, not from within individual forums. I will look into whether that can be changed.

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    Lady Charli

    What rights does an incarcerated tenant have to obtain personal belongings from the rental property? And does the landlord have the right to rent the place with the previous tenants belongings still there? He was r he only person renting monthly & was arrested the last week of the month, before the next month rent due.

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    This should be in the Real Estate Forum and was overlooked. Anyway…

    A landlord in general terms has a lien over property on the premises to insure payment of the rent.

    Now, it can get complicated at this point.

    Did anyone attempt to clear out the apartment before the rent was due? The proper procedure for the landlord is to get a court order authorizing him to seize property on the premises. Most people do not have the money to go the proper route. If the landlord did not go the proper route, then he could be liable in damages. However, that gets back to whether anyone has the money to go to court.

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