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      I am in desperate need. My husband abandoned me August, 2014, leaving me with absolutely no means of support and the home we lived in was his separate property. During the holidays, while I was visiting my mother in Texas, I came back to a completely empty house and the locks had been changed. There was a note on the door saying my things were in a storage building. My husbands family is extremely well off. Everything¬† I had, prior to our marriage in 2008, had been liquidated and rolled into our assets. My husband has either spent, moved, or has “his” money separate where I can't have access to it or has “sold” it to his family business. I am now penniless, homeless and because my husband has so much property, I don't qualify for legal aid. They told me they don't handle property settlements. I have been served with divorce papers and have to appear in court in 3 weeks but there is no way I can get enough money for a retainer for an attorney. I have talked to several people and I always get the same response. I need money for legal representation. Anyone have any suggestions???

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      In what parish do you live?

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      Seriously, you need to say what parish you are in since some parishes have pro bono (for free) lawyers supplied by the local Bar Association.

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      richard johnson

      I am sorry to hear about your situation. Find a local pro Bono program. Bar associations often offer free legal help through pro Bono programs. Lawyers willing to work for free, or “pro Bono,” are matched with people who qualify for free legal advice. There are also nonprofits dedicated to providing pro Bono legal help to those in need. Research pro Bono programs in your area by looking online or contacting a legal aid office to get a referral.

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