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      My husband has custody of his daughter, she lives with us full time. Her mother is in and out of her life, seeing her maybe once every couple of months. She owes over $10K to my husband in child support and that amount grows each month as another payment is not made.  We are having the worst time dealing with the CS system in getting them to take action and “find” the mom.  We give the CS office her addresses, phone numbers, etc, and get nothing but a paper mailed to us saying they are setting another court date to hold her in contempt. She never shows for any court dates.  The last time we got her to show in court was telling her to show in order to get my stepdaughter for the weekend.  She is now 13 and is starting to take out her anger on us about her mom being a deadbeat, so it’s hard for us to deny phone calls, etc because she never knows when the next may come, it might be her last one for a few months, so we allow a little communication for her sake.  We go above and beyond to make sure she has a relationship with her mother, and get nothing in return except her telling the child that we want to have her arrested for support.What can we do to get the system working for us?  She (deadbeat mom) is NOT in hiding!!! We can not afford an atty, and can’t get a free one either. Sorry this is so long! We need advice! Thanks!

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      learn the laws and take her to court yourself. This site is a good place to start. spend a couple of afternoons or evenings reading through everything you can find on child support. Look for Nick and send him a message. He runs LA-DADS. Contact them, they are great at actively helping

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      richard johnson

      If you can't put money, then you have to put your time as you need to learn the law and deal you're on yourself. You can also sit in some court hearning on child support and get the knowledge about it. It will help you a lot.

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